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    We offer Smart Board Installation products and services to increase productivity, engagement and interactive learning. Interactive Smart Boards, also be referred to as Smart White Boards or Smart Panels, can be used for various purposes including Education and Workspace Collaboration. A Lunis Systems expert can help you choose from different types and brands that are available for your installation. We service Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida. Contact us for more information!

    What is a Smart Interactive White Board?

    A smart board is a large interactive whiteboard that is typically mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. It allows users to interact with digital content using a stylus or their fingers. This can include writing, drawing, moving objects around the screen, and opening applications. Smart boards are commonly used in classrooms and business conference rooms. Some of the benefits of smart interaactive white boards include increased engagement, improved collaboration, more effective teaching, paperless environment and more.


    Available Smart Board Installation Products & Services in Miami - Lunis Systems Audio Visual Service