Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting systems go beyond automatic on/off switches pre-programmed by you to fully automatic lighting systems that can detect activity in & around your home to turn on/off, adjusting brightness and even color temperature.v

Smart lighting installation

In urban areas, every house and corporate office needs the most modern amenities and gadgets including smart lighting installation. Home automation has emerged as an essential requirement for the contemporary American home.

Occasionally people intend to upgrade their existing cheap devices for better audio output or just for a change. If you want a sophisticated sound system, smart lighting installation or a home speaker installation, then you’ve come to the right place. As the best audio visual company in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, we consider it our honor to serve the lovely people of this area!

In today’s time, almost every house has at least one independent audio system, smart lighting installation or audio visual arrangement. In case you want to upgrade your existing sound system, we provide customized smart lighting installation in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the South Florida region. It is a well-known fact that home speaker installation is not for the novices out there, as they can spoil the whole effect of such an arrangement. Our company has the human resources, as well as technical know-how, to provide this kind of service for our valued clientele.

Custom Professional installations

While you are looking for a solution for home stereo installation, the very first question that crops up in your mind is, “Who will help in getting the job done?”

Our company uses the most modern technology to execute these tasks. A home stereo installation is not an easy job, and you should only hire trusted service providers if you want to achieve success. One has to go for the most structured service, supported by the most modern tools and a team of audio visual technicians that knows their job through and through. Although many providers claim to be audio visual technicians, our company provides the best ceiling speaker installation services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or in South Florida.  

In-Wall Speakers & Ceiling Speakers

Understandably, every person has a different taste when it comes to sound. Not all have the ear for detail that distinguishes an expert from an apprentice. That is the reason why many people prefer to place audio and visual systems on a rack or a table. In contrast, others want to install the same on the wall or the ceiling, we work with you, the client, to get the best home stereo installation possible so that you may get the most out of your equipment. 

Only an experienced team can give you the ceiling speaker installation solution that you desire, which is why hiring professional home sound system installation experts is a must. The next step for you is to find the guys who can execute the job. In the very first instance, you should consult an expert team of home entertainment installers to make a plan for the installation. For professional home sound system installation in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, you can rely upon us. As the best audio visual company in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, we can provide the necessary support at a very reasonable price.

High-Performance Audio

If you are an audio connoisseur, then you need the most state of the art audio system that money can buy, which is why most people in the South Florida region come to us to handle their home stereo installation needs. Some of those clients often ask us about ceiling speaker installation, and the answer is always the same, “it’s expensive, but clean aesthetics and clean audio make a perfect combo.” We are the best service provider for professional home sound system installation in Fort Lauderdale & Miami. Thus, we have what it takes to get a high-performance system up and running using our affordable home audio installation process.

Home Theatres

Experiencing top-class entertainment in the comfort of your own house is not a luxury anymore, with the advent of the home theatre. That is the reason why home theatre systems have grown in popularity in the country, and in the South Florida region, Lunis Systems stands above the competition with our team of expert technicians that can handle everything from a single home speaker installation to an entire home theater setup. People looking for affordable home audio installation solutions in Fort Lauderdale & Miami are increasingly opting for these systems. We provide the best professional home sound system installation in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, to add that extra bit of zing to your home theatre experience.

Wireless Audio Systems

While most people use wireless audio systems for outdoor programs or parties, some like to use them in their personal spaces. There being such a wide variety of equipment out there, we help every step of the way to ensure your home speaker installation gets you the audio nirvana you’re looking for. As the best audio visual company in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, we will help to install these in your dwellings. We assure you that our team of home entertainment installers will get the job done in the fastest time possible. What’s more, through our local team of audio visual technicians, we provide the most affordable home audio installation in Fort Lauderdale & Miami.

Our Work

We provide customized turnkey solutions for each local customer, depending on your requirements, we’re a team of professional home entertainment installers that put our client’s needs first and foremost. Though all our services are available at a very competitive price, we never compromise with the quality of service as customer satisfaction is our aim. Most importantly, we are always available for servicing any Zip Code in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or South Florida.

Our Process

The execution process starts with the design and planning of the sound system. We finalize the design, get it approved from you, and then we begin with the installation of the sound system in your home. After proper testing of the design, we hand over the controls to you.