Intrusion Alarms Installation Service

An intrusion alarm is one of the key components of an effective security system installation project, integrating the alarm with the rest of the monitoring systems is crucial and requires expertise Lunis can provide.

Intrusion Alarm Installation

intrusion alarm installation
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Intrusion alarm installation is a great way to keep you, your loved ones and your property safe. Lunis Systems provides the best, affordable and expert security integration service in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida areas. Our professional installation team is ready to help you select the best intrusion alarm system for your home or business, and install it to give you peace of mind knowing that everything is safe with your security system installation.

What Are Intrusion Alarms?

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Intrusion alarms refer to any type of security system that sets off an alarm when an intruder enters, or attempts to enter, any property where they do not belong. Intrusion alarms for home, also known as home security systems, can help to protect both homes and businesses both from potential burglary or those that intend to harm you, your family or your employees as any good security system installation project does. There are a variety of different types of intrusion alarms system, some of them include:

  • Motion detectors: sensors placed throughout your home or business that will set off an alarm if motion is detected during times when no one should be moving on the premises
  • Door Sensors: sensors that are specifically placed on doors that will trigger an alarm if the door is opened when it shouldn’t be
  • Glass Breaking Sensors: sensors placed on windows or other glass surfaces that set off an alarm if the glass is broken in any way
  • Access Control Systems: systems put in place to only allow specific individuals into a home or business based upon proving their identity in different ways such as fingerprints, ID badges, etc. Video Surveillance: cameras are placed on either the exterior or interior (or both) of a property in order to survey the area and be alerted if anyone is on the property who doesn’t belong there
  • Instant Response Devices: often referred to as “panic buttons” these devices typically instantly alert first responders in the case of an intrusion or other emergency
  • Smartphone App Systems: these apps allow homeowners and business owners to check on their homes or businesses via their phone

Intrusion alarms for home as well as commercial intrusion alarms systems are necessary if you want to be able to relax knowing that your home or business are safe from intruders. Lunis Systems specializes in all things security, including intrusion detection systems. We have a team of professionally trained, knowledgeable installers who can not only install your new intrusion alarms for home system for you but they will walk you through how to use it and how it functions.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection

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Intrusion detection systems have advanced to improve the level of detection and also to avoid costly mistakes when alarms go off when there isn’t actually an intruder. Various things can trigger an alarm such as pets moving about the home or outside, or strong winds outside a home or business causing things to be blown around and setting off motion sensors. Intelligent intrusion detection helps to negate these issues of having an alarm is triggered when there is no emergency or intruder.

Our advanced home security systems at Lunis Systems are sophisticated enough to be set to various levels of sensitivity as to avoid these mistaken alarms. Intelligent intrusion detection can also help to make the entire understanding of intrusion detection systems much easier.

Networked Security Integration

intruder alarm installation
intruder alarm installation

Integrating your security system so that it is connected to all the inner workings of your home or business is crucial to keeping your valuables and property safe from intruders whether its home or commercial intrusion alarms. At Lunis Systems our security solutions are reliable and effective. If you are considering an intrusion alarm system for your home or business, it is important to ensure that all parts speak to each other intelligently.

Intrusion detection systems should work together with access control systems, video surveillance and any other alarms involved in your security system in order to really take advantage of security integration. If you are specifically looking to protect a larger business or building, this is especially important. It can be difficult to survey a larger property and make sure that all entry points have sensors, cameras, etc. and that those sensors and cameras intelligently communicate with your commercial intrusion alarm system.

At Lunis Systems, our expert installers will help to integrate your security and establish connections between various working parts while also explaining how to use your new intrusion alarm system.

  • Video surveillance cameras should regularly be checked to make sure they have a clean lense, are pointed in the correct direction, and haven’t been damaged in any way
  • Any part of your intrusion alarms system that is battery powered should be consistently checked to make sure the batteries are not expired or corroded
  • Create a habit of contacting Lunis Systems to have one of our security specialists check on your system to confirm everything is working properly

If you live or work in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or the South Florida area, don’t continue to live in fear of an intruder. Contact Lunis Systems today to have your intrusion alarm system installed in your home or business so that you can relax knowing that if anything should happen, you’ll be ready.