Live Event Production in Miami

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Lunis Systems is the top provider for audio visual production, or AV production for short, for live events across Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Producing live events takes sophisticated knowledge of audio visual equipment and what works best with a live audience. Hosting a live event can take a lot of work, and it can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. Our experienced team at Lunis Systems has you covered with our extensive knowledge of AV solutions and we promise to thrill and impress your attendees.

AV solutions, short for audio visual solutions, are services that refer to any audio or visual technology. If you are looking to plan a live event in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale or South Florida area and are in need of audio visual solutions, then Lunis Systems is your local expert.

Live Event AV Consulting Services

av event production ft lauderdale
av event production miami

Hiring a professional AV consultant can really take your live event to the next level. AV production services can include things such as sound systems, lighting, staging, microphones, and more. The professional consultants at Lunis Systems will assess all of your needs to maximize not only the space where your live event is being held, bu also the overall goals for how you want the audience to react. Due to the advanced technology that we have today, many audience members have high expectations for the quality of live events. They expect to be impressed and want an innovative and cutting edge experience.

The technicians at Lunis Systems know how to give this type of experience to your audience. We will design, plan, build and install all of the pieces needed to make your live event a success.

Live Event Equipment Installation

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Installing equipment for live events should always be done by skilled professionals toensure everything goes correctly and this way your live event goes as planned. LunisSystems’ team of installers knows how to properly install all components of your audiovisual equipment. The Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida areas rely on theprofessionals at Lunis Systems to install their live event equipment so that they canhave the peace of mind of knowing their event will go off without a hitch. Installing thisequipment is a crucial part of a successful live event, because if the equipment isinstalled incorrectly, it could have potentially dangerous consequences.

Live Event Equipment Rentals

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Renting equipment for your live event is available through Lunis Systems in Miami, FortLauderdale and South Florida. We provide affordable equipment rentals that allow youto have all the necessary equipment that your live event requires. A few of the AVequipment rentals we provide include projectors, screens, sound systems,microphones, lighting and more. When renting audio visual equipment for your liveevent, Lunis Systems will deliver your equipment punctually, and will then assemble allof the equipment and install it efficiently and accurately.

Live Streaming for Events

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There are times when having everyone together in person isn’t a possibility, and inthese cases your live event can instead be live streamed for attendees to have accessvirtually, no matter where they are located. However, virtually streamed events cannotbe conducted without all of the necessary equipment, and Lunis Systems is here toprovide everything you need.

The day of your event, we will arrive promptly with all of the equipment you will needfor live streaming. This equipment can include video cameras, lighting, sound systems,microphones, and more. Live streaming is the next generation of holding large eventswithout being in person, and can really take your event to the next level and impressyour guests.

Live Event On-Site Support

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When conducting a live event with advanced AV equipment, Lunis System will provideyou with on-site support in the form of a technician that will remain present throughoutyour event. This support is just an added form of service on our part as we want tomake sure that should any questions or problems arise during your event, one of ourknowledgeable technicians will be there to answer questions and fix any technicaldifficulties.

Lunis Systems’ on-site support technicians are available for live events inMiami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.Lunis Systems is your go-to company for all of your live event AV solutions in Miami,Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Audio visual solutions are perfect for live events, asthey bring an unforgettable experience to the attendees. Let the pros at Lunis Systemstake your next live event to the next level.

WIFI Rental & IT Services For Live Events

WIFI Rental, Wireless & IT Services For Live Events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale
WIFI Rental, Wireless & IT Services For Live Events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

WIFI rental and IT services for live events are essential for ensuring that attendees and staff have reliable wireless internet access throughout the event. This is especially important for events with large crowds, such as conferences, trade shows, and concerts.

Our WIFI rental services use high-powered equipment to provide reliable WIFI coverage for even the largest events. We can setup WIFI networks quickly and easily, so you can focus on other aspects of your event planning. In addition, we secure your WIFI network from unauthorized access and ensure that all content delivery is fast and secure. Contact us to talk to an IT services expert and get you started with our WIFI rental options.

PTZ Camera Installation For Live Event Production

PTZ Camera Installation For Live Event Production in Miami, Fort Lauderdale & South Florida
PTZ Camera Installation For Live Event Production in Miami, Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

PTZ cameras can provide tremendous versatility when it comes to live event production, from filming a live event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale studio setups – their smooth transition between various angles and zoom levels make them the ideal way to capture dynamic events without missing a beat! With PTZ camera setup you ensure getting all the best shots without missing out on anything. Contact us for more information and check out the PTZ Camera Equipment & Brands we have available.