Conference Room AV Installation

At the heart of any good meeting room is the audio conferencing system. Every business needs one, and every business uses one. Lunis Systems provides the best AV solutions for your business’ conference room to help you stay competitive. So don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Professional Audio Visual Design

The modern business world is more connected than ever before. If you plan on keeping up with competitors, let alone maintaining an edge, you’ll need what the world of audio visual solutions can offer you. Teleconferencing has become progressively more common, and without a proper AV system, you won’t be able to keep in contact with clients across the world. Keep your business from suffering with the help of Lunis Systems.

We are an AV installation company in Miami poised to help you with all of your audio visual needs. Convenient to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, look to us if you need AV system support, installation and more. Lunis Systems is perfect for audio visual support, affordable solutions and systems integration. Automate your meeting room and help foster unprecedented levels of cooperation in your business and with your clients.

One simple call is all you need to get in touch with our expert staff and start building audio visual solutions. If you need further support on our professionally installed custom systems, our technicians are always standing by to help you with AV system support services.

Lunis Systems is here to make the world of audio visual systems easier to understand.

Custom Audio Conferencing Solutions

Conference Room AV Installation Services & Solutions in Miami & Fort Lauderdale
Conference Room AV Installation Services & Solutions in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

The core of any business you do with clients is communication. Audio conferencing systems exist to help facilitate that and ensure that you are always able to serve your clientele to the best of your ability. It’s our job at Lunis Systems to help you do yours. If you need a conference room installation in Miami, or any kind of conference room AV in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas, look no further.

Lunis Systems’ AV techs understand the importance of quality work, quality equipment and effective design, and that’s why our technicians and designers alike are sensitive to your needs and up to date on the latest in audio tech. The frustration that comes from dropping calls to important clients and from poor, “can you please repeat that” audio quality is something we believe that no business should have to suffer, and that’s why our conference room solutions are focused on stability and quality.

We offer affordable, custom conference room solutions in Miami. If you’re in dire need of updating your dated audio visual installation, get in contact with us today and we can get started on designing a system to suit your needs

Quality Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing | Conference Room AV Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale
Audio Conferencing | Conference Room AV Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Clear and reliable audio are only one half of a modern conference room installation in any business. Sharp video, accurately aimed webcams and quality equipment are the other half. Lunis is dedicated to providing you with professional meeting room AV installations in Fort Lauderdale and the greater Miami area – we’re just one phone call away.

Conference room AV has to be properly dialed in to ensure strong, clear voice quality and razor sharp picture quality, and our expert technicians are here to do just that. If you have a vision for a specific set up for your AV equipment, a specific set of brands in mind for equipment, or just general questions, don’t hesitate to let our staff know.

We’re committed to being the most professional and affordable AV installation company you’ll find in Miami, and provide a complete suite of conference room solutions beyond just audio visual set up – ask for more information about how to improve or update the lighting in your conference room.

Audio Systems Design & Installation

Conference Room AV Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale
Conference Room AV Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

The quality of your audio setup extends beyond just the conference room in the world of business. Although Lunis does indeed offer affordable conference room solutions in Miami, as well as complete conference room installation packages, we offer so much more. Our professional installed audio systems are designed to meet your specific needs, making us the preferred audio visual installation service in Miami.

From the conference room to individual floors on a building and all the way up to entire auditoriums, we provide AV solutions that are tailored to your needs. From a small meeting room AV installation all the way up to a complex public address system for an auditorium and its surrounding rooms and hallways, we’re ready to tackle any challenge.

Lunis offers completely custom audio system solutions, from designing the placement and relaying of every individual speaker all the way up to the audio management and controller systems.

Conference Room Lighting & Automation

Conference Room Lighting & Automation Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale
Conference Room Lighting & Automation Installation Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Every quality conference room installation in Miami features custom controlled lighting, and every major auditorium, meeting space and the like feature similar custom systems as well as consoles for automating the control of video, audio and lighting systems. Lunis can help you plan out the placement of everything from lights to consoles, install them and ensure that they meet your exact specifications.

As an AV installation company, setting up lighting fixtures and arrays and linking them together is our passion – it’s our job to make every professional space feel as professional as you’re hoping to make it. Audio visual installations are extremely important to making any meeting space feel like an actual meeting space, no matter the size. Lunis is experienced in setups of all sizes, from small six-person conference rooms on a single office floor to major meeting centers designed to hold hundreds.

If you need conference room AV installation in Fort Lauderdale, lighting rigging and set up, or audiovisual automation, contact Lunis Systems today for a quote. Our technicians are ready to help you with any questions you have about a quality AV setup.

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