Video Distribution System Installation Service

Lunis Systems is here to provide the perfect AV solutions for you, specializing in video distribution system installations in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

Church Video Distribution In South Florida

video distribution system
video system installation

If your church hasn’t yet installed an AV service to allow for video distribution, then don’t delay any longer! Lunis Systems offers a range of AV solutions to help setup church video distribution systems in south Florida. Our team of expert installers provide AV consulting to help you design a system that helps you broadcast live content, as well as provide professional video distribution system setup in Miami.

Lunis can help you tap into a well of useful AV services and AV solutions when you consider hiring an installer, including:

  • Easy live streaming of church services to any external source, including sites like Facebook, Youtube, or your church’s own website. Help new members see what awaits them at your place of worship, while also providing a way for existing members to still attend services even when ill or otherwise indisposed.
  • Record services, special events, messages for your parishioners, and more. Lunis makes sure that church video distribution systems in south Florida is easy and painless, installing all of the necessary equipment needed to get you recording and broadcasting.
  • Easily distribute church services to associated locations and buildings, all through a single system, and across various devices, including remote monitors and view screens.

All this and much more awaits you when you choose the AV experts at Lunis Systems as your installation company for church video distribution systems in south Florida.

Sports Bar Video Distribution Setup

video distribution installation
video system installation

Modern sports bar video system setups demands flexible AV service to various parts of a building, from a single floor to the entire building, and Lunis Systems is here to provide the perfect AV solutions for you. We’re the most affordable sports bar video system setup company in Miami, and specialize in system integration.

Businesses choose to use video distribution systems for a variety of reasons, including:

  • No eyesores. Equipment can be tucked away into small, out of the way spaces, hidden away with their wiring, so no one trips and all you see is what’s on your screens, a clean AV Design.
  • Cost savings. Instead of feeding service to multiple cable boxes and paying subscriptions for multiple boxes, route everything through one box and use your cable service throughout your office or building.
  • Flexibility and expandability. Video distribution systems scale well, allowing for screens to be added or removed from the system with ease.
  • Intelligent controls. Through the use of smart switching controls, the system can be easily controlled through existing automation solutions and doesn’t rely on IR and placement to avoid disruption of service.

Choose the first name in sports bar video system setup in Miami & Fort Lauderdale: choose the AV integrators at Lunis Systems.

Video Distribution Systems for Smart Homes

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video system solutions

The world of audiovisual equipment has advanced more than anyone ever thought possible, video and audio feeds into any room in a home, all intelligently linked and effortlessly controlled. Lunis AV integration staff whole home video systems installers able to plug every room in your house into a centralized audiovisual system that can push media anywhere you need it.

Push audio into any room, and enjoy high quality music anywhere in your house with the touch of a button, and without a mess of unsightly wires. Thanks to wireless speakers, mounted speakers and more, you can enjoy quality audio anywhere, controlling what plays where and how loud.

Whole home video systems fill every room with video feeds from multiple sources linked into your central control hub – our integrators will get your Blu Ray players, receivers, and more, all feeding video directly to monitors and televisions throughout your home, and all independently controlled, which makes the AV design so important.

If you’re interested in pushing your house onto the audiovisual cutting edge and turning it into a smart home to envy, then contact Lunis Systems today, and we’ll put you in contact with one of our whole home video systems installers, each and every one of them ready to answer any question and tackle any problem you might have!

Multi Room Video Distribution System For Hotels

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video distribution system

When you need a professional video distribution system setup in Miami for your smart home, you need Lunis Systems. We offer an affordable system installation for multi room video systems in Fort Lauderdale and Miami for smart homes. Easily manage the AV integration in any hotel room in your entire building easily, and all from a centralized location with minimal fuss.

Using a central system for multi room video systems in Fort Lauderdale means you can manage whatever your clients throw at you that much faster. Our expert AV integrators will Manage sources and outputs with less fuss, isolate problems and solve them before your clients even know what hit them. All of this is possible with Lunis Systems – contact us today!

Video Distribution System Setup For Gyms

gym video distribution
av solutions for gyms

If your gym is having AV woes, Lunis Systems as a video system installation company in Miami is here to make them go away for good with the help of our AV consultants. We are a professional video system installation company in Miami and are ready to help you centralize management of the various monitors and audio systems throughout your gym, quickly and easily. Cut down on cable management, speed up troubleshooting and improve response time to issues with individual devices, all while providing your business an easy way to expand or reduce device counts with minimal fuss – most of the time you’ll only need to mount a device, plug it in and be on your way!

If your business is looking for a way to tip the eternal fight against AV solutions in your favor, think Lunis, the perfect company for professional video distribution system setup in Miami.

Multi-room Video Distribution Systems

multiroom video distribution
multi room video system installation

Whether it’s your business or your own personal home theater, a video distribution system is the only way to go when you need to manage inputs and outputs across multiple rooms. Lunis as video system installation company in Miami has a team of AV consulting experts ready to help with your multi room video systems, and can serve up the perfect solution, giving you a single central system to manage all of the devices in your home or business, and leaving you plenty of room to scale up the number of devices, and all without breaking the bank.

Contact Lunis Systems today and get in touch with one of our consultants on how a multi-room video distribution system is right for you.