Affordable Audio Visual Installations In Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Audio Visual Service In Miami & Fort Lauderdale With AV Installation Service Experts For Commercial and Residential


From simple AV installations like projector setups for your meetings to installing your new headquarter’s entire IT infrastructure, our corporate AV specialists can handle it. So if you need an AV company in South Florida, give us a call.


Our professional home theater installation technicians will work with you to design & build your own media oasis at home. We can even take it a step further and integrate your home theater into a home automation installation.


Whether for your home or office, security systems are a must have for any property. Our security system installation experts will work with your unique needs to ensure your property is secured 24/7/365.

Custom Audio Visual Service Installation

Complete AV Services, Audio Systems Design & installation in Miami & all of South Florida

How Lunis Systems Audio Visual Service Miami Can Help Your Business

Fortunately, you don’t have to stow your hat in a jar in order to find it. If you want to score big in the world of business, you’ll need to know how to get it in the first place. Whether you’re an aspiring business executive or a busy executive, the right AV solutions can get you there in the clearest fashion. Here are just a few tips and tricks to get the ball rolling. Having a good plan of attack and an open mind are two of the keys to success. Besides, having the proper AV guru on your speedy staff is sure to help you find the right AV solutions in no time. The best AV solutions will provide a top-notch experience for both you and your employees.

Smart Home Automation Services

Smart Home Automation Services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale
Smart Home Automation Services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Lunis Systems is a smart home automation company providing smart home installation services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale & all South Florida areas. Let us automate the devices in your home and turn it into an intelligent smart home! There are many different smart home automation systems available, and each one is compatible with a different range of devices. However, some of the most common types of devices that you can connect to a smart home automation system include: Lighting, Climate Control Thermostats, Motorized Blinds & Shades, Security Systems, Entertainment Systems and a lot more!

Audio Visual Service For System Installation

Pro AV Installation Services for distributed video systems. Led walls, TV Installations, Video projectors, Digital signage & Restaurant menu boards

Professional Lighting Solutions In Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Complete Lighting Solutions - Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Residential Lighting Installation
    Professional lighting for your home, Lunis is a respected event lighting service ready to deliver perfect lighting setups....
  • Nightclub
    Nightclub Lighting Installation
    A club has to turn heads from the outside, and keep people inside dazzled and wowed. Lunis offers...
  • Commercial
    Commercial Lighting Installation Company Miami
    Aging commercial lighting systems are notorious for being difficult to use and unreliable. Lunis can install entirely new...
  • Events
    If you need event lighting for your venue, Lunis is a respected event lighting service ready to deliver...
  • Landscape
    Lunis offers path lighting, mood lighting, pond lighting and more for sprucing up local landscapes and making pathways...

AV Company Miami

AV company Miami may not be your typical service company, but that does not mean they cannot impress you with their wares. This plethora of multimedia wizards offers a variety of audio and visual solutions from state-of-the-art conference rooms to state of the art meeting spaces to specialized event management services. For instance, they have a complete portfolio of audio and video equipment in high-quality LCD and LED displays, speakers, lighting systems, and more. The company also has a full-service staff of technicians that can perform a myriad of maintenance tasks. As a result, they are able to provide clients with the peace of mind that goes along with the knowledge that their system is in tip-top shape. For the most part, they are a highly responsive and reliable team. They are able to meet your schedule and budgetary constraints.

The above-mentioned AV company has a solid track record of providing a wide variety of multimedia solutions that will impress even the most jaded of clients. This includes the likes of the University of Miami, Carnival Cruise Line, and Shelborne Hotel. These include a variety of AV and entertainment products, audio, and video systems for both indoor and outdoor venues. They also offer a full-service rental department with a range of equipment including large screen televisions, projectors, and projection systems.

Provider In Miami For Live Events, A One Stop Technology Solution Center

Affordable AV Solutions, Installations & Services for Conferences, Seminars & Live Music Events
  • Trade Shows
    Trade Shows
    Lunis Systems provides professional AV solutions to trade shows everywhere in the state of Florida. Give us a call if...
  • Conference AV Event Production
    Corporate Events
    If you need the technical side of a conference handled from top to bottom, Lunis covers lighting, audio system...
  • Live Events
    Live Events
    When you need to feed audio to multiple places, whether it’s a single floor on a building or the entire...

Security System Installation

Security Camera Installation Company, & CCTV camera installer in Miami & Fort Lauderdale
  • Access Control
    Access Control Installation
    No one goes in without the go-ahead from you or the security staff onsite.
  • Perimeter Monitoring
    Perimeter Monitoring
    Having the ability to keep an "eye" on your properties from afar is an important part...
  • Intercom System Installation in Miami
    Intercom System Installation
    Lunis Systems is the premier intercom installation company for the Fort Lauderdale area. Our expert...
  • Intrusion Alarms
    Intrusion Alarms
    An intrusion alarm is one of the key components of an effective security system installation project,...
  • CCTV Installation
    CCTV Installation
    CCTV systems are an integral part of any security system installation project, they’re your property’s eyes...

From Idea, to Design, to Installation

We Do It All. We're small but impressive.

AV Installation Service Miami

Whether you are putting on an event or you just want to give your home a makeover, you should consider utilizing an AV Installation Service Miami. As professionals that are super-knowledgeable and fully capable of providing you with the best possible AV installation services in or near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Typically, they will do a number of things such as installing the equipment, training staff on how to use the new system, and maintaining it on an ongoing basis. They will also recommend the best equipment to meet your needs. Whether you need to purchase a new home theater, an LED video wall, or a state-of-the-art lighting system, these professionals can help you get the most out of your investment.

We are also able to install a CCTV system, which is short for closed circuit television systems. This is an interesting piece of equipment and is a great way to secure your property. They will ensure that the equipment is installed correctly. The best part is, they can handle all of the details for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that your new AV system is working properly. They will even be able to suggest the newest and coolest gadgets to suit your needs. If you are considering a new lighting system or a complete overhaul of your existing AV setup, you should get the pros at Lunis Systems to handle the job. The experts at Lunis have all the credentials and know what they are doing.

An AV Company Ready To Serve

We always stay on the cutting edge, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage online in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and all around South Florida.

Lunis Systems has worked with project managers, developers, architects, and CTOs in a wide range of industries, from schools, hotels, restaurants, malls & government providing AV solutions in Fort Lauderdale & Miami. While clients always have unique needs and considerations, we always provide top tier quality and service. Lunis Systems is an Av company in South Florida provides end-to-end audio visual services. From design through av installation and ongoing maintenance, our team specializes in the full spectrum of AV installations to truly WOW your customers and colleagues.

See What Local Miami And Ft Lauderdale Clients Say About Us

Client First - Results Driven
Lunis System is an AV installations company that prides itself in our ability to execute highly complex projects with tight budgets and leaving the client satisfied with our work and professionalism. Here are some reviews showing exactly that.
Michael Zuazo
Michael Zuazo
Bought some audio equipment that helped a ton a project
mathew vascones
mathew vascones
Excellent service and was very satisfied with the installation.
Roy Walkes
Roy Walkes
Wonderful Ave company they installed a audio system that was way stronger than the system that we had replaced they did Fast clean and tidy work
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell
They installed lights for my studio and did a great job.
Fred De La Peña
Fred De La Peña
Lunis Systems is the best audio video company in Miami! They upgraded our sound system at our school including microphones, speakers, and added a projector as well.
Dietrich Kohler
Dietrich Kohler
Got the sound system for my new home theatre installed and highly recommend them. They were on time, communication was easy and everything was installed perfectly. Happy with the results thanks!
Jaden Donado
Jaden Donado
Best home automation company in Miami. They installed my home theater for affordable prices, definitely recommend if you’re looking for someone to help you install your home theatre if you have no clue what you’re doing and don’t want to mess up your equipment
Alex Q.
Alex Q.
Purchase some A/V equipment specifically lighting for some photography. Everything was good. Thank!
Dana Jay
Dana Jay
They installed my home theater system and I am extremely satisfied. I would recommend you to use this company! Professional and efficient.
Gerald Casas
Gerald Casas
Very professional and knowledgeable here you pay for what you get and bbwhat you get is quality ! I recommend this business for all that you may need! Install for home theater was on point for projectors and speakers !