Custom Event Lighting Company

Lunis System is Miami’s premier event lighting company who’s event lighting services include event light design, installation and break down. We’ve handled everything from water projection on the hudson river to webinars for a new product launch.

Custom Event Lighting Design

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Custom Event Lighting Design 2

For your guests to have an enjoyable time, you must choose the proper lighting for your event. Working with a local corporate event lighting company with a track record of professionalism, innovation, and exceptional customer service is necessary. Soflo Studio’s AV service specialists have learned a lot over the years. Strategic lighting design is one of our areas of competence. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for everything from intimate weddings to massive company galas, so you can make the most of your event venue no matter how big or small it is.

Make use of the evocative power of unique event lighting solutions and AV service to set the tone for your gathering. Lighting fixtures that highlight architectural details, draw attention to centerpieces and seating areas, and otherwise improve the aesthetics of space may make or break an event. Do you want a calm setting? This is what we can provide for your event’s ambiance: party lighting services. Or perhaps you like something a little more outlandish? That’s all there is to it. To make any venue come to life, SoFlo can create custom event lighting designs for you. Our AV solutions are the best throughout Miami.

Regardless of your lighting requirements, we can assist you in acquiring the best event lighting design exactly how you envisioned it. For grand appearances, get the lights dim when you need them to. Custom event lighting design is one of the many things we can do for you in Fort Lauderdale.

If you’re looking for a bespoke corporate event lighting company in South Florida that provides a designer experience for you and your guests at a fraction of the cost, we’ve got the solution for you! SoFlo is the best corporate event lighting company around, so go with them for all of your needs! SoFlo can also assist you if you’re looking for low-cost wedding lights.

Corporate Event Lighting Installation

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Corporate Event Lighting Installations 2

Soflo Studio has been illuminating business events with our event lighting installation and AV service, including meetings, trade shows, galas, product launches, and other marketing-driven gatherings for more than 40 years. Together, we have the technical, artistic, and management expertise to produce a truly impactful event.

When arranging a corporate event, it isn’t easy to start from scratch. With years of experience, the event lighting installation crew at our corporate event lighting company knows how to make any event come to life while caring for all the little things. It is our understanding that every event has a budget associated with it. Our experts can help you find the ideal lighting solution for any budget.

In our region, only Soflo Studio has the most extensive inventory of lights, and they are constantly upgrading their equipment. We provide everything you need to make your event a hit, from the most impressive lighting effects to the most robust power and control systems. At Soflo Studio, our clients are blown away by the results thanks to our use of cutting-edge AV solutions and years of experience.

Are you prepared to get event lighting installation at your next corporate event in a sophisticated, high-quality manner? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our AV solutions for lighting, design, locations, and other aspects of event lighting solutions. We eagerly await your response!

Event Light Props

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Event Light Props 2

For our large illuminated letters, we are best known. We started the trend in 2011. Our event decorations and backdrops are known for their creativity and outstanding design. In many cases, they not only enhance the aesthetics of any event but also provide a subtle glow that is ideal for any event’s lighting and ambiance requirements.

We are confident that our collection of illuminated characters, symbols, and numerals is the most comprehensive available. We can construct long-word and sentence-length expressions. If you don’t want to use light-up letters, you’ll find a wide variety of event props to rent.

Create an image by placing a stencil in front of the light source of your choice. Your corporate logo can be projected on an impressive wall or staircase with the help of a gobo.

Uplight (Indoor or Outdoor):
A light that shines upward from the base of a column, wall, or other structure. A primary and stylish method to enhance your corporate event is to use uplights. For dinner parties, they can offer depth and texture, draw attention to a specific piece of art or product, or serve as a backdrop for any live plants or other greenery you choose to incorporate into your event.

LED Uplight:
LEDs do not require an AC power supply and can be recharged for portability, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the model. Remember that LEDs may need many hours of charging time before they are ready to be put to good use. Using LEDs for portable illumination is a great way to save time and money. Is a workplace picnic or an evening dinner under the sky anything you’d like to consider? When designing your lighting system, don’t forget to include LEDs.

Novelty and Chandeliers Lighting:
The holiday season is a great time to plan an event. Do you have a theme in mind for your room’s novelty lighting, such as chandeliers, string lights, or stand-alone globe lights? Consider this choice if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Live music events will love this venue! Laser projectors and flashing lasers can be used to create a concert-like atmosphere, or lasers can be used to display animated and changing logos and graphics around your event venue. When used in conjunction with our other lighting options, lasers bring the party to life!

Full-Service Event Production

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Full Service Event Production 2

When it comes to the needs of your event, our event production firm has created a distinct style over the past 30 years. Your next corporate event, workplace picnic, or social party is in good hands with our event planners. Give us a ring! There are many ways to make your next gathering memorable for all the right reasons. We’ve dealt with every situation that’s come our way. Is a movie being screened? Organizing a grand opening in the open air? A significant marketing event is on the horizon. Rather than worrying about anything but having fun with your guests, let us handle all the logistics and production details.

We can make your event tasteful and commercial at the same time with our event lighting solutions, creative branding concepts, and sponsorship arrangements. You can trust expert event planners to handle everything from gift bag assembly and design to eye-catching invitations and mailings and attendee lists. It’s never been easier to organize a big outdoor corporate party or a product launch in Hollywood. To bring your idea to life, Soflo Studio offers a full range of event production services and event lighting solutions.