TV Mounting Service Miami

Lunis knows that TV installation is more than just taking the TV out of the box. We provide professional TV mounting service. Mounting, configuring, and calibrating your television for perfect picture quality is a process all its own, and we do this and more. Let us position your television in the perfect spot for ideal viewing.

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TV Mounting Service Miami- for Conference Rooms & More

tv mounting service miami

There are plenty of things to consider when planning to make a conference room in your office. You need to hire a company that provides professional TV wall mounting service in Miami for smart homes, hotels and offices. While designing an impeccable boardroom can be a hectic job, our TV Mounting Service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale can execute it with ease.

Width of the walls of the boardroom, ceiling height, and the distance between the seats from the screen are the most crucial factors that you need to consider. Our staff with years of experience in the office domain look into all of these aspects.

Our team understands that seating arrangement is an integral part of conference rooms. The installation should give an equal view to everyone in attendance. Choosing the optimum screen size and resolution for the television to be installed becomes essential here, and something our team of pro AV installers excels at. We offer the best TV Mounting Service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for places such as offices, gyms, smart homes and hospitals. From small conference rooms to the larger ones, we make sure that every aspect ranging from screen resolution to width to mounting height, is flawlessly covered.

TV installation service for Churches in Florida


Many churches choose to opt for professional TV wall mounting service in Miami in today’s modern times. That is because TV wall mountings have a clear advantage over the projectors. The brightness of LED TV sets is higher, and they don’t require any lamp changes, making them the best option. Our video distribution team that has designed systems in gyms, offices, and hospitals, makes sure that you get cost-effective services.

One of the most critical factors for TV installation service for Churches in Miami & Fort Lauderdale is the size of the television you need for the church room. It would be best if you were very careful with the size of the TV required as you must go for affordable options our team of installers is more than happy to help you navigate it. Our Pro AV installers go for the best video distribution devices to give you the much-needed technology upgrade. Text size, brightness, and contrast are the remaining factors that are equally crucial when it comes to TV installation service for Churches in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. Our AV specialist team never fails to leave a long-lasting impression through their faultless work.

TV installation service for Home theaters


Enjoying movies in your home theater is the new trend, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. There was a time when a simple LCD or LED set-up used to please people. But the expectations from the viewing experience are so high now that people want nothing but the best! That’s why our Pro AV installer staff offers the best TV Mounting Service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale! We make sure that you get the necessary boost in technology to take the distributed home audio and video experience to the next level!

Be it an immersive smart home cinema experience or the perfect media room, our team of experts makes sure that your place gets the best quality high-end audio and video upgrade. Our team of TV installers has solutions for all kinds of homeowners, be it the techno freaks or those conscious about home decor. We always give you the optimum pricing that fits your budget! With plenty of smart home theater installation possibilities, our AV specialist staff makes sure that you get the best experience that money can buy! Imagine a home media room with the best audio and video technology, dim lights, and your family and friends to accompany you; it doesn’t get any better!

TV mounting service for Sports Bars in South Florida


The culture of catching up with live sports alongside your friends with a glass of beer in hands has become quite widespread. And as a sports bar owner, it is your primary duty to give the people what they want! People’s expectations are skyrocketing, and they want an authentic distributed sports experience while having their favorite drinks.
As a sports bar owner, the need of the moment is to evolve and consult the best AV specialists in town for hotels and restaurants. If you are looking for a cheap TV installation for Sports bars & restaurants in South Florida, you have come to the right place. We have expertise in design that can elevate your sports bar setting! In today’s times, people just want to enjoy their favorite sport in full HD. And for sports bars in hotels, it is common to have customers seeking different sports, be it the NFL or the UFC!

Our team can help you navigate the wide world of TV options to ensure your TV installation for Sports bars & restaurants in South Florida service goes off without a hitch.

As a sports bar owner, you need to focus on the best products and steer clear from price-oriented brands. Our experts are here to solve every TV installation problem you may have, wither its outdoor TV mounting service company in Miami. Be it a small sports bar or a large establishment, our professional TV wall mounting in South Florida will boost your business!

TV installation service for Restaurants

professional tv mounting service miami fl

Restaurants and Bars often serve as a place where people go to get away from the daily hustle, enjoying a couple of drinks or a good meal with family and friends. The customers these days have high standards regarding the quality of the restaurant TV menu board installation in Miami. Your prized patrons often seek some music videos or live sports on the televisions with wall mounting while they wait for their food. Unlike the past days, customers these days have high expectations about the kind of entertainment they want. And you, as a business owner, have to stay ahead of your competitors. The installation process requires a high level of expertise, especially if it’s an outdoor TV mounting service company in Miami. Hence, you need to take the help of people experienced in the restaurant TV menu board installation in Miami.

If you need a professional TV mounting service pro for sports bars & restaurants in South Florida, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled staff can help you with anything ranging from indoor speaker and outdoor TV installation company in Miami at affordable prices! Contact our team for the best installation services today!