Perimeter Monitoring

Having the ability to keep an “eye” on your properties from afar is an important part of any security system installation project. We can integrate such systems into simple apps.

Perimeter Monitoring Service

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Lunis Systems is the premier provider of perimeter monitoring services and we are proud to serve the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida area.

We staff some of the best security consultants in South Florida in order to provide the best possible security solutions as part of our perimeter security service.

If you are in need of any type of perimeter monitoring system or any wireless home security systems, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What is Perimeter Monitoring?

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Perimeter protection consist of residential and commercial security systems that protect the border of your property. The most important aspect of perimeter protection is accurate intruder detection while also ensuring that the alarm is both startling to the intruder and alerts the owner as quickly as possible.

Whether you are wanting perimeter security systems for a standard size home or if you are needing to protect a large business with multiple access points, Lunis Systems can take care of your perimeter alarm system.

Perimeter Monitoring System Design

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Perimeter monitoring is the first line of defense for any security system, broken down simply it is the monitoring of the perimeter or border of a property. Perimeter monitoring system design has to take into account all aspects of the property in question to ensure that it not only protects the property but also deters possible intruders.

There are several different types of perimeter security systems, some of these include:

  • CCTV Security Systems: closed circuit television that involves surveillance of the property using external camera systems
  • Access Control Systems: systems that restrict entry to a property to only authorized personnel that have to prove their identity through some type of identification system
  • Motion Sensors: sensors that detect motion through the use of infrared rays
  • Fiber Optic Detection Systems: fiber optic cables that detect the presence of an intruder, typically used to protect fences and walls on large properties
  • Ground Radar Systems: radar systems that can detect intruders at a distance before they are actually on the property
  • Microwave Barriers: barriers that can detect the presence and movement of an intruder that is totally hidden using microwave emissions instead of direct vision
  • Electrified Fences: a fence that is electrified and will give an intruder that tries to cut or climb it a series of electric shocks and also activates an alarm (not legal in all countries)
  • Microphone Cable Fence Disturbance: a cable that runs along the fence line that when attempted to be cut or climbed will emit an alarm
  • Electrostatic Field Disturbance Sensors: sensors that create an electric field using conductors and grounding which detect an intruder’s presence when this field has any type of interruption
  • Spot Vibration Sensors: sensors that are wireless and are typically placed on doors, windows and other points of entry that sense vibration and triggers an alarm are great security solutions.
  • Seismic Sensors: One of the higher level security solutions are sensors that detect vibrations that could be coming from several different places, typically used on things such as vaults in banks that would need to be able to detect vibrations such as drilling through walls to get to a vault.

All of these types of perimeter alarm systems work to avoid unauthorized access by anyone that should not be on the premises. Perimeter protection in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida requires a knowledgeable team of security specialists with extensive expertise in all things surrounding security systems. At Lunis Systems we believe home security systems are in the best interest of all residential and commercial properties, regardless of whether or not the property has ever experienced crime of any kind.

Designing these perimeter security systems takes a security expert to really understand what type of system each different property needs from affordable wireless home security systems to commercial security solutions. Lunis Systems knows the importance of protecting your property, which is why we send only our expert installers to put in your residential or commercial perimeter security systems at affordable prices.

Perimeter Monitoring Software Integration

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Integrating perimeter monitoring software can seem like a daunting and difficult task, however it doesn’t need to be as your security experts at Lunis Systems have your back. Perimeter monitoring software integration allows for your entire system to work together with many other security equipment that you might have on your residential or commercial property.

Perimeter monitoring software is very reliable when installed correctly by security specialists from Lunis Systems. We know how to integrate your perimeter protection with the rest of your home security system to ensure that the boundary of your property is protected at affordable prices.

Perimeter Monitoring Hardware Installation

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Installing perimeter monitoring hardware is just one of the aspects that installers at Lunis Systems specialize in as we know exactly how to install your monitoring hardware without messing up any details. Lunis Systems installers will install your perimeter hardware with special attention to the border of your property to ensure the full perimeter is secure.

Security system installation needs to be done properly in order to be 100% effective, which is something that Lunis Systems takes very seriously. Our security specialists know exactly how to install your perimeter alarm system to be sure that all aspects are functioning as they should.

Perimeter Monitoring Maintenance & Support

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Maintaining your perimeter monitoring devices is important to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and therefore optimally protecting the border of your Fort Lauderdale, Miami or South Florida residential or commercial property. There are various ways to maintain and support your security system installation.

While Lunis Systems is always available to answer questions and we have tech support available to troubleshoot any issues with your perimeter alarm system, it is still recommended that you take steps to maintain and support your system on your own as well.

  • Routinely check your system to ensure that any software updates are implemented
  • Inspect all security devices, signals and sensors on a regular basis
  • Check all external devices such as cameras to confirm nothing has been tampered with, broken or removed

These tips are not foolproof and any security systems should be routinely checked by a professional security consultant to make sure your security system installation is functioning properly.

If you are in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami or South Florida area and you are interested in learning more about how your home or business could benefit from a perimeter monitoring security system, give Lunis Systems a call today!