3D Scanning Services in Miami

Lunis Systems provides 3D scanning services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale as part of it’s AV services.

3D Scanning Service

Make back-to-work plans, list and appraise properties, document remodels projects, and more with our easy and fast 3D tours. 3D scanning is a fast and efficient way to get the point clouds used to create 3D models. The 3D data is then quickly converted into a triangle mesh or STL file using specialist software. You can use 3d scanning for many things. This includes 3d modeling, animation, comparison to cad, and 3d printing. It’s becoming an industry standard because 3d scanning systems are fast, accurate, and give good results.

Our 3D Laser Scanning services include:

Architects & Engineers
For renovation design/drawings, get accurate as-built measurements

Property Managers/ Real Estate Agents
Get accurate dimensions of rentable areas
To make promotional drawings
Fire escape plans

Document on hidden utilities in walls and under slabs

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3D Scanning Company Miami

3D Scanning Company Miami
3D Scanning Company Miami

With our 3D scanning company, you can give your clients a realistic feel for how a property looks at ground level – or any other level, including dollhouses and floorplan views, all in high-resolution, high-definition imagery that’s better than picture slideshows—achieving the pride of having the best listing for homeowners and appraisal companies. Even the most experienced realtor or homeowner can be stressed out by the process of listing or selling a home. We’ll take the guesswork out of creating 3D tours of your properties with our cutting-edge technology and stitching process, whatever your experience level is.

Our experience and knowledge of the local real estate market will impress you. This is where we live and where we raise our kids. We know the local communities we serve, so we’re ready to share our expertise. Experience this amazing 3D platform that lets you virtually walk through houses at your leisure. With the layout of the rooms, you can see a dollhouse view of your home.

We have an amazing way of showing dimensions for all our clients with 3D Floor Plans. We confirm the accuracy of the measurements within 98% accuracy. So engage us now to get the top-notch services from an experienced 3D scanning company in Miami!

3D Laser Scanning Service

3D Laser Scanning Service
3D Laser Scanning Service

With our custom-built robots and sensors, we can scan the inside of a building to get a complete room-by-room 3D scan. We can get room dimensions and details from the scan. Complete indoor scans allow for as-built drawings to be generated, and progress on projects can be tracked remotely. Agents can let customers take a tour or keep up on construction progress without traveling. It does not stop there for real estate. Agents can stage rooms with virtual furniture. Using our system, we can scan custom pieces to stage a whole house or apartment that’s tailored to each client. You can change the color of the walls and the art on them.

We can also scan entire warehouses and put them in CAD. Bringing any warehouse that doesn’t have current electronic drawings into the now is easy. Compare what is in the records with what is on the as-built. The most effective way for your brand to make a lasting impression is with attention-grabbing elements. A professional AV company, like ON Services, will make sure your audience can connect with your brand from the moment they walk in.

Industrial Parts Scanning

Industrial Parts Scanning
Industrial Parts Scanning

Our AV company has years of experience scanning everything from tiny components to vehicles to whole buildings. Both on-site and in our lab, we provide unparalleled technology and expertise. We want to work with you to find the right 3D scanning solution for your project and then put it into practice. We can deliver in many native formats:

  •         AutoCAD Pro/E
  •         SolidWorks
  •         CATIA UG IDEAS Rhino
  •         Autodesk Inventor
  •         Revit CAE/CAM

3D scanning yields high-accuracy point clouds that can be used for almost anything, whether comparing a physical part to its CAD model, digitizing a prototype for a new CAD model, or generating missing parts documentation.

Here are just a few ways you can use 3D scan data:

  •         Tool path creation
  •         Polygonal / STL meshes
  •         NURBS surfaces
  •         Composite blends
  •         Tooling verification and more.

What 3D Scanning Services Can Do For You?

Whether you need a one-time project or ongoing 3D scanning services, our team is always there for you.
With our 3D scanning technicians on your side, you don’t have to worry about learning anything new. Your data will be scanned and processed so you get the exact output you need.
You’re in the right place if you want something done fast on a budget. 3D scanning is cheaper and faster than hand measuring and more accurate.

3D Real Estate Virtual Tours

3D Real Estate Virtual Tours
3D Real Estate Virtual Tours

The idea of combining reality with fantasy or immersing ourselves in the virtual world used to seem impossible, but today we can do it all the time. You must have encountered VR one way or another, maybe even without realizing it.

VR for real estate marketing isn’t anything new, especially for those working in 3D. We’re still amazed at how something so unusual can be made using computers. One of the main benefits of 3D visualization is that we think we’re seeing a photograph that isn’t real. VR in the real estate industry will change how you think about architectural 3D visualization. We integrate with Matterport to analyse organize all the data and then do visualization so you get the most accurate 3d scan possible. Get our top-class 3d scanning services at the best rates!

Features of 3D Virtual Reality tours for real estate

Virtual Reality home tour lets you switch between several modes:

  •         Interior 360 space
  •         Exterior 360 space
  •         Window view – real environment
  •         Walk-through between the 360 hotspots
  •         Window view – drone/camera real footage could be integrated

Publish to Google Street View

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Publish to Google Street View

Publish your projects on Street View using our services. We use an easy multilingual platform (Matterport & Artec) with features that make photographers’ lives easier.

What you can do:

  • Create and save Street View projects
  • Street View publishing without limits, just a project under construction
  • 360-degree photos or a virtual tour on Street View
  • 360 photos with automatic geolocation

These are the specific options available:

  • A blurry filter to hide faces and images that are protected by privacy
  • The nadir patching is for masking the tripod or anything else you want to remove at the bottom of the overview