Video Conferencing

As businesses become more and more accustomed to remote work, the demand for professional home video conferencing installation will grow with it, Lunis Systems can help get you set up with no fuss, affordably.v

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Meeting Room Conferencing Solutions

video conferencing installation services
video conferencing installation services

As the playing field for telepresence and teleconferencing within corporations and small businesses morphs into strategic and imminent requirement in today’s world we offer the best in commercial av installation with our professional and affordable video conferencing installation services, During critical meetings, your ,company can conduct business with confidence knowing that our corporate video Conferencing set up :is flawless and’ precise give your business days a boost with superior conference room system integration that allows for seamless communication between clients and colleagues alike. As a dedicated professional video conference installation company, we never compromise on quality. We cover video conference installation services for the gamut of audio; – video equipment including projectors and live video options for conference room system integration that will make you proud and relieved to have our commercial av installation team at your request Serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida. Our skilled technicians guarantee that the future of your company is in the best hands for video conferencing installation services and the preservation of teleconferencing excellence for each and every business need from live video to the expansion of multi-Screen use within your boardroom. Conquer meeting room minutiae with the best video conferencing installation company.

Wireless Presentation Systems

video conferencing installation company
video conferencing installation company

When the collaboration and sharing of information takes place, your information hub calls ‘for the impeccable and clutter-free set up of superior audio visual equipment installed by a professional video conferencing installation company. We provide the best in interactive vided installation for the multi-user content sharing that your meeting room. boardroom or school requires during those key moments. With ease, you can stream or mirror audio and video to a projector from any device. including tablets, laptops or desktop PCs with an affordable pricing package to meet your budget. Presentation of information is brought to focus with a promise from us that the complete game plan for your users will be directly on point. Throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida, our work speaks to what a professional audio video installation company should be at the end of the day. Let your users and devices speak seamlessly to one another while all of the boxes get ticked for a productive event or work project. With the best video conferencing installation services available to you, exchanging ideas with other users reaches new heights so leave the set up to us.

More than ever, now is the time to streamline your venue’s professional video conference integration with the expert assistance of our highly qualified technicians with service availability for Fort Lauderdale. Miami and South Florida. Pandemic and global disaster need not involve technical glitches for your next group conferencing event. Our video conferencing installation services will surpass all expectations as we coordinate and install and check all equipment to insure a smooth operation, all under a fantastically affordable price. Nothing is more frustrating than holding meetings where the interfacing is not easy-to-use or the multi-device support does not measure up. With the right audio video installation setup, there is a right way, and there is a wrong way.

There is expensive and not helpful, and there is professional quality and pride in work. Let us provide you with the best telepresence capabilities in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida. Group conferencing apps and screen sharing do not have to be terrible experiences. We can set up the video conferencing equipment installation and provide direction for use. We can connect all that requires connecting with our teleconferencing expertise that brings calmness to the information chats, slideshows and projectors. Join us in a true telepresence revolution .

Boardroom Automation

corporate video conferencing setup
corporate video conferencing setup

When it’s time to get down to the business of conference room system integration, the skill of our professional technicians will promptly provide the best set up for your boardroom. The professional approach provided by our video installation company settles the question of whether or not to skimp on boardroom automation. The resounding answer is: absolutely never. Your telepresence says everything about the company, and our affordable packages offer ease of mind and budgeting satisfaction. Now that remote office work has exploded in the business world and everywhere the need for interactive video installation, staying in touch with employees and clients holds an even greater responsibility. Corporate video conferencing setups are a delicate balance between presentation, information sharing and timing of all the moving parts: lights, projector, device interface and so forth. Our professional approach, communication and installation creates a teleconferencing wonderland with lagging calls, freezing screens and a missing user a thing of the past. Bring interactive presentations to the forefront of your boardroom with remote participation by your employees and watch as content sharing and live video is showcased as it is meant to be with the work of a professional audio video installation company and boardroom automation expert, who can bring together the systems required for an interactive video installation service in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida.

Video Conferencing Support

interactive video system installation
interactive video system installation

The ongoing need for supreme teleconferencing and video conferencing maintenance and support travel side by side in today’s times. An affordable and skilled team of technicians is crucial to maintaining the video conferencing equipment installation that your company uses, making the services of a video conferencing installation company more important than ever. Day to day, as we service Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida, you can rest assured that our affordable services put us at the top of the corporate video conferencing setup industry. There is not a moment to squander over video conferencing equipment, so it is our ultimate pleasure to set up your services and maintain the best ongoing relationship with you as you navigate the information sharing space in the world that we all work and play in today. We welcome the relationship building that comes along with your confidence in our video conferencing maintenance and support. Budgeting is no issue with our affordable prices, and our professional technicians represent the best of our company’s efforts to keep you satisfied and proud of your telepresence in the work and events that make up the day to day operations of your business or venue. Provide your users with the teleconferencing experience that they deserve and fully understand. No more frustrated user interactions.

Live Event Projection Mapping Services

video conferencing equipment installation
conference room system integration

If you have a business event, commercial event, or private event in need of projection mapping, Lunis Systems is ready to help. We have a team of consultants ready to help make your dreams a reality, and tune our projection mapping services so they’re exactly what it is you need. Project video, patterns, still images, and more wherever you need to in a venue to create enchanting walkways, shifting walls, or turn an entire wall into a screen for video.

Lunis takes the headache out of managing projection mapping, performing all of the necessary setup and takedown, ensuring your can focus on watching your event go off without a hitch. Contact Lunis today for an affordable quote.