Video Projector Installation Company In Miami and Ft Lauderdale

When you need projectors installed, you need a pro audio visual company. Lunis Systems is exactly that company. We offer a full suite of affordable AV services, including video projector installation solutions. We cover everything in the installation including:

  • Consultants to help you decide what projector best suits your needs
  • A huge range of projector solutions
  • Affordable pricing packages for your projector installation

Projectors are ideal solutions if you’re looking for space-savings for your venue, are interested in saving money by cutting out expensive television purchases, need to keep equipment from presenting a tripping hazard, or are looking to deliver on an authentic movie experience in your business or venue. Lunis Systems also offers hanging projection screen installation in south Florida, turning your projector installation into an all-in-one package.

We’re also the most flexible video projector installation company in Miami and Ft Lauderdale and we can prove it. No venue is outside of our expertise, including:

  • Home theaters
  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Churches
  • Conference Rooms
  • Sports Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses

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Church Projector Installation Services

Projection systems are used everywhere these days, including churches. If your church has been thinking of installing or replacing a projector or is looking for a hanging projector screen installation in south Florida, contact Lunis Systems. We offer affordable AV services, including installations, as well as motorized projector screen installation in Miami and Ft Lauderdale.

Lunis carries a large selection of projectors and screens, meaning we have exactly what your church needs. Speak to one of our installation experts on how Lunis can help you find the projector solution that is perfect for your church and your budget. We’re confident we can find exactly the projector you need, and that’s what makes us the first choice for a video projector installation company in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Our installers are standing by!

Home Theater Projector Installation Services

Lunis Systems is dedicated to making your home theater all it can be, which is why we offer the best, most affordable AV services, including:

  • Hanging Projector Screen Installation in South Florida
  • Projector Installation and Mounting
  • Consultation with Our Expert Consultants
  • Commercial-Level Services for Homes
  • Projection Mapping

If you’re ready to go beyond the screen, contact Lunis today for more information on getting a projector installed for your home theater. If you’re still uncertain, consider the following benefits of using a projector:

  • Save space by mounting something from your ceiling or up on a wall
  • Enjoy an authentic movie experience by playing all your favorite films from the big screen the way they do in theaters

Call Lunis today, the first choice for a pro audio visual company. Our offices and our installers are local to you, located in sunny south Florida.

Sports Bar and Nightclub Projector Installation Services

If your bar needs a projector or projector screen, Lunis is the company to call. Our expert team of specialists are standing by to provide you with exactly the service you’d expect of a pro audio visual company, and all for an affordable price. We can install projectors and a range of associated projector system solutions in your sports bar quickly and easily. We also service nightclubs and other associated venues, and provide consultation to help you make a decision on where to aim your projector, what kind of projector to use, and what surface to project on.

If you find you need a specialized screen, Lunis Systems also offers hanging projector screen installation in south Florida, as well as motorized projector screen installation in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Spice up the interior of your sports bar to broadcast the big game to everyone in attendance, no matter where they’re seated. If your venue is a nightclub, projector video and more across every surface of the venue, and be sure to ask us about projection mapping services to set the night alight.

Our consultants are standing by, ready to help you in your office, or in ours!

Projection System Solutions For Restaurants

Lunis offers projector installation services for more than just boardrooms, conference rooms, churches, and nightclubs – we also install projection systems in restaurants! If you need a projector in your restaurant, contact Lunis and speak with our specialists. Our consultants can help you pick out the perfect project for your restaurant, as well as help you decide where to install it, aim it, and decide what surface to project onto.

Don’t delay, Lunis Systems is staffed by prompt, expert installers, and ready to get a projector system up and running in your restaurant. Contact us today!

Live Event Projection Mapping Services

If you have a business event, commercial event, or private event in need of projection mapping, Lunis Systems is ready to help. We have a team of consultants ready to help make your dreams a reality, and tune our projection mapping services so they’re exactly what it is you need. Project video, patterns, still images, and more wherever you need to in a venue to create enchanting walkways, shifting walls, or turn an entire wall into a screen for video.

Lunis takes the headache out of managing projection mapping, performing all of the necessary setup and takedown, ensuring your can focus on watching your event go off without a hitch. Contact Lunis today for an affordable quote.