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Trade Shows
Trade shows are an important part of any corporation’s sales/marketing funnel and is therefore a great opportunity to really show off your team’s creativity, marrying the various AV solutions required to draw in convention go-ers is essential and Lunis Systems can help at every stage.
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Private Events
Private event solutions often run the gamut from simple projector setups with a laptop feeding audio/video that anyone can do to complex system design and installations that only an experienced audio visual company can execute with competency. Reach out to Lunis Systems for all your AV service needs.
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Assisted Listening systems are crucial for big venues with a focus on audio engagement from the spectators. Especially places like auditoriums, theaters or conferences. Lunis Systems audio installation experts can help you navigate all technical aspects of installation these systems in your facility.
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Meeting Rooms
Get it out fast, easy and with minimal fuss - get a good PA system and complete installation from Lunis Systems. We can help with picking the ideal system, speaker setup and placement, and the main controller location for your new PA system, specifically tailored to fit your venue perfectly.
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Conference AV Event Production
If you need the technical side of a conference handled from top to bottom, Lunis covers lighting, audio system setup, video system and projection setup and configuration, and so much more. No matter how simple or complex your conference is, we’re here to help you when you need professional AV setup.
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Live Events
When you need to feed audio to multiple places, whether it’s a single floor on a building or the entire building itself, you need audio distribution devices. Lunis Systems takes care of all the AV installation tasks required to professionally install any audio distribution system.
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