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Audio System Installation
The ambiance of business is exponentially important to the overall success of the business. The sounds, as well as the sights of the business, need to be welcoming and enticing to your target audience.  A study that was recently done by Curtin University has found evidence that background music greatly affects how long a consumer stays in the store and how much they spend in a store.  Commercial audio visual solutions in Miami and Fort Lauderdale especially, need to be creative, as they have so many visitors coming into their shop. You, as a business, need to be exceptionally unique...
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Home Audio
In urban areas, every house and corporate office needs the most modern amenities and gadgets. Home automation has emerged as an essential requirement for the contemporary American home. Occasionally people intend to upgrade their existing cheap devices for better audio output or just for a change. If you want a sophisticated sound system or a home speaker installation, then you've come to the right place. As the best audio visual company in Fort Lauderdale & Miami, we consider it our honor to serve the lovely people of this area! In today's time, almost every smart home has at least one...
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Miami FL Home Theater Installation
Figuring out the optimal configuration of speakers, devices, subwoofers, soundbars and other home theater devices is a headache. The size of the room, the placement of furniture and the television, and the walls and windows in a room all contribute to impacting the perceived quality of your home theater system. Lunis Systems provides customized design of your home theater installation in Miami. Lunis Systems is a smart home theater installation company in Miami that helps you skip the headache by offering smart home theater installation services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We are the go-to pro av installation company for...
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Listening Systems
Large auditoriums and conferences can be extremely difficult for the hard of hearing. And, when there’s a ton of side chatter and echo in a large room, listening can be just about impossible for the hard of hearing. You want your guests to enjoy the auditorium and conference just as much as the next person. Installing a heavy-duty hearing loop system might just be what your large auditorium or conference center needs to cater to the hard of hearing. No longer do your guests have to sit uncomfortably close to the stage or ask the person next to them what...
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PA System Installation
Lunis Systems is ready to update your PA system with a new, state of the art audio system anywhere in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. PA systems are intricate parts of many businesses and events throughout the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and South Florida area. With the nearly year-long sunshine and tropical weather, there are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor pa system installation in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the Sunshine State. Yet, to make the most out of these occasions, it is important to have a state of the art PA System and to have that, you need a reputable and...
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Audio Conferencing
The modern business world is more connected than ever before. If you plan on keeping up with competitors, let alone maintaining an edge, you’ll need what the world of audio visual solutions can offer you. Teleconferencing has become progressively more common, and without a proper AV system, you won’t be able to keep in contact with clients across the world. Keep your business from suffering with the help of Lunis Systems. We are an AV installation company in Miami poised to help you with all of your audio visual needs. Convenient to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, look to...
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