Church AV Solutions

Lunis Systems is your local expert for church AV solutions in Miami, supplying a widevariety of audio visual solutions for all places of worship. Churches have become farmore technically advanced than they used to be, providing mesmerizing andcaptivating experiences for their members. Whether it is through music, audio visuals,lighting or more these places of worship have really kicked things up a notch in theirpresentations. If you have a church or other place of worship located in the Miami,Fort Lauderdale or South Florida area and are in need of audio visual solutions, thenLunis Systems is your local expert.

AV solutions, abbreviation for audio visual solutions, are services that refer to audio andvisual needs of all types. Our team of expert technicians are skilled at recommendingonly the best AV solutions for your place of worship, and are able to design andintegrate any audio visual solution to fit your creative vision. At Lunis Systems, wecarry only the highest-quality products, and our staff is extensively trained in order toprovide you with audio visual solutions that will wow your audience.

Church AV Design Consultation & Installation Services

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At Lunis Systems, perfectly executing your vision is our top priority. This is why ourreliable consultants have design consultations with church directors, worship andmusic directors, clergy and any other stakeholders to really get a good idea of youroverall dream. We provide audio, visuals and lighting designs that will create theexperience you desire to give your members.

Once we design your perfect AV solution, we will then expertly and professionallyinstall all components to ensure everything is working properly and is set up perfectly.We will take into account all aspects of your space including size, acoustics, angles,and amplification. This attention to detail is just one of the things that makes LunisSystems the go to company for church AV solutions in Miami, Fort Lauderdale andSouth Florida.

Video Systems: LED Walls For Churches

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LED walls are perfect for leading musical worship, sermons, making churchannouncements and more. LED walls are essentially very large LED screens that allowplaces of worship to display the lyrics to hymns and other worship songs, as well aslighting displays, videos, prayers, bible passages and anything else you might want todisplay to your congregation. At Lunis Systems, our design specialists will work withyou to design the exactly look and feel you want your place of worship to portray. Asthe top AV company in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida we are committed tobringing your ideas to life in order to communicate your message to your audience with our church av consulting services.LED walls for churches are one of the perfect video systems to accomplish this.

Video Systems: Video Projection System

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church av design

Video projection system design is the process of designing a visual system that meetsyour specific requirements using video projection onto a surface or screen and is one of the more popular church AV solutions out there. Videoprojection systems work well in churches as they can create imagery on a backdrop inorder to show certain photos, religious symbols, and more. Lunis System is your go tocompany for video projection systems for your place of worship in Miami, FortLauderdale and South Florida.

Audio: Speaker & Sound Systems & PA Systems

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Speakers, sound systems and PA systems (short for public announcement systems)make up the audio portion of your audio visual solutions. The audio system in yourplace of worship is a crucial component, because obviously having the visual portion ishuge but without the audio it won’t really have any affect on your audience. At LunisSystems, our design team will meet with you and review the acoustics of your space.Once we establish the best audio design for your church, we will get to work designinghow everything will fit together seamlessly.

The definitions of each of these components are:
Speakers: The speakers in your church can vary by size, amplification ability, andoverall sound quality. Speakers, put very simply, are the devices that actually emitthe sound, whether it be speaking, singing, or music.

Sound Systems: The term sound system refers to how all of the various audio partswork together to make up your sound system as a whole. Our expert team oftechnicians will teach you how to work and care for your sound system.

PA Systems: Public announcement systems serve to do exactly as their nameentails, and they are built to amplify any public announcement that needs to beheard throughout the building.Lunis Systems church av solutions can help your congregation in establishing the best audio visual services for yourchurch or place of worship in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.

Lighting Design & Installation

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church av installation

People often forget about lighting, but in reality it can have the most dramatic effect outof all of your AV components. Lighting can set the mood of the room, entertain, createa certain effect and so much more. At Lunis Systems we specialize in analyzing yourspace and recommending the very best lighting solutions for you, based upon whatyou want your congregation to feel when they enter your place of worship as part of our church av consulting services.Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida rely on Lunis Systems for all of their churchlighting needs. Our professional consultants will work with you to find the very bestlighting solutions for your place of worship.


Life is unpredictable, and there are always things out of our control that can make it impossible to meet in person in large groups for worship. Luckily, we have advancedtechnology that allows for virtual worshiping. Lunis Systems can assist your church insetting up all necessary AV solutions to help with being able to broadcast your churchservices and worship ceremonies to your members virtually. While all of our specialistswill teach the proper way to operate the technology we install, our tech support team isalso readily available after installation should any issues or questions arise.

Prop & StageFabrication

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Re-enacting scenes from the bible and other religious sacraments has been a popularform of teaching worshipers for a long time. Lunis Systems can actually help to createand design your sets and prop for these reenactments. Move your members and reallycommunicate your message with full scale reenactments that use high quality propsand sets.

Lunis Systems is ready to serve your place of worship and to help with all of your AVsolution needs throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida with our church av consulting services. AV solutions arethe perfect choice for enhancing your message to your congregation and bringing theman experience they won’t forget.