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Get it out fast, easy and with minimal fuss - get a good PA system and complete installation from Lunis Systems. We can help with picking the ideal system, speaker setup and placement, and the main controller location for your new PA system, specifically tailored to fit your venue perfectly.

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Audio Systems Installation Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Lunis Systems is ready to update your PA system with a new, state of the art audio system anywhere in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

PA systems are intricate parts of many businesses and events throughout the Fort Lauderdale,
Miami, and South Florida area. With the nearly year-long sunshine and tropical weather, there are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor pa system installation in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the Sunshine State.

Yet, to make the most out of these occasions, it is important to have a state of the art PA System and to have that, you need a reputable and professional audio systems installation. Here are some of the markets where a PA system installation in Miami and Fort Lauderdale can make the difference at your next event:

PA System Design Matters


Get it out fast, easy and with minimal fuss – get a good PA system and complete installation from Lunis Systems. We can help with picking the ideal system, speaker setup and placement, and the main controller location for your new PA system, specifically tailored to fit your venue perfectly. There is always a need for PA speaker system installation in South Florida but some markets are in constant need of the latest in PA system technology. These are the markets that are most in need of a state of the art PA System design:

Conference PA Speaker Installation Miami

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Conferences rely almost entirely on having an audio installation company put in a PA system that is going to impress its audience. Without a reliable PA sound system, the show cannot go on. If there is no way for the keynote speakers to be heard, there is no conference. Thus, it is important that whether you need an outdoor PA system installation in Fort Lauderdale or a regular, indoor installation throughout South Florida, you hire tried and true professionals.

Church PA System Installation


Churches need to have a diverse PA sound system to accommodate the array of a place of worship’s different needs. Regardless of the religion or ideals, PA system design in Miami and Fort Lauderdale needs to be able to offer the right sound for both a range of musical numbers and sermons. The audio system and thus the PA sound system is a foundation of a church. If the audio systems installation is flawed the congregation will likely rapidly decline.

Stadium PA Speaker Installation

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Stadiums need an outdoor PA system setup in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the entirety of South Florida that is powerful and domineering. Plus, the PA speaker installation also needs to be top-notch. There are plenty of people, both at the game and watching from their homes that rely on the PA system to transmit the play-by-play, and I don’t know about you, but when the PA speakers are hard to understand it completely ruins the experience, for me at least. Not to mention that game-day goers also depend on those speakers for information about the venue itself, and the over the air ad reads providing value that increases how affordable these systems can be.

Hospital PA System Design

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Everything that goes into a hospital has the potential to become the difference in saving a life or losing one. Therefore, the choice of  audio installation company that goes into a hospital PA system is a highly technical and precise endeavor. The audio systems company that handles these types of delicate PA system installation in Miami and Fort Lauderdale must be extremely knowledgeable and professional. After all, it is important that doctors not only hear the announcements that come over the PA system, but they need to be able to respond in a timely manner. This means that the PA system design must be exactly right to maintain this balance.

School PA Speaker System Installation

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Often the PA system in a school is the only communication teachers and the principal has with the rest of the school. This is especially true in an emergency situation. Therefore, it is imperative that every PA speaker system installation in South Florida, that is put in for a school, is managed properly. When it comes to the safety of our children, there is no room for error. A well maintained pa speaker system is therefore crucial, we often work with speaker manufacturers that only deliver quality, such as Bose, but coupling that quality with monitoring software and frequent tests ensure that reliability is the default, rather than the exception in an affordable manner.

Retail & Mall PA System Installation

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retail pa system installation miami

While most of the time the PA system design in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for retail is used for sales and store announcements, it is still important that the installation is done properly. After all, time is money. Every second that ticks away, either trying to fix an incorrectly installed PA system or having a PA system that is out of order is costing you money. Whether that means that time is being taken away from other tasks, or customers are not hearing what you have to say, you are losing sales. Thus, the audio installation company needs to do a good job the first time around when installing your retail PA system.

Professional PA Speaker Installation

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The modern professional PA speaker installation must ensure the system is equipped to do these four things:

  • Work with multiple inputs and sources
  • Provide high-quality sound
  • Minimize sound spill
  • Be available as soon as they are needed

While this might sound basic, depending on the area and available setup opportunities, this can be a highly technical feat. There are many different tricks and techniques that PA sound system experts know which alleviate a lot of these roadblocks for both indoor and outdoor pa system setup.

PA Systems Equipment Rental

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pa speaker installation miami

If you are renting PA systems equipment, you need to be extra careful about where you get your rental from. At least if you update the PA system equipment yourself you know where it has been and what it’s quirks are.

Although, sometimes updating is not possible, specifically if you are having an outdoor PA system set up in Miami. So, when you embark on a PA systems equipment rental, make sure you find a company you trust, that is going to install your system and break it down properly.

Portable PA Systems

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portable pA Systems 24

There are plenty of options for acquiring a portable PA system design in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. After all, these are two places in South Florida that love to party, so it makes sense that state of the art portable PA systems would be all the rage.

Additionally, portable systems are usually smaller (so they don’t take too long to set up), which also means they are more cost-effective

Ultimately, when you choose your audio systems installation company, make sure that what you want is a specialty that the company possesses. It is important when researching PA speaker system installation in South Florida that you know what you are looking for without settling. Your PA system is an integral part of your business, so it needs to be top-notch to award you with the greatest amount of success possible.

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