Listening Systems

Assisted Listening systems are crucial for big venues with a focus on audio engagement from the spectators. Especially places like auditoriums, theaters or conferences. Lunis Systems audio installation experts can help you navigate all technical aspects of installation these systems in your facility.

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Hearing Loops For Conferences

Large auditoriums and conferences can be extremely difficult for the hard of hearing. And, when there’s a ton of side chatter and echo in a large room, listening can be just about impossible for the hard of hearing. You want your guests to enjoy the auditorium and conference just as much as the next person.

Installing a heavy-duty hearing loop system might just be what your large auditorium or conference center needs to cater to the hard of hearing. No longer do your guests have to sit uncomfortably close to the stage or ask the person next to them what was just said.

That’s why you need to hire an audio-visual company that provides audio installation services. We’ll handle everything from the planning all the way to your listening system installation in South Florida. But, that’s not all we’ll do. We’ll also help you to get used to this new system with our assisted listening system set up in Fort Lauderdale.

Listening Systems Churches

Just like auditoriums and conferences, churches can get crowded, loud, and uncomfortable. It might be difficult for a hard of hearing individual to hear every word the pastor, priest, or rabbi is saying. After all, everybody deserves to hear every meaningful passage and word spoken in a house of worship.

We offer some of the best technicians in audio installation services. We’ll send out our most highly-qualified experts to respectfully check out your church and see what we can do about installing a hearing loop system. Once we come up with a plan, we’ll design it and install it, teaching you how to use the system along the way.

It’s time to give everybody in your church the equal opportunity of prayer. You can absolutely trust us to handle everything along the way, as an audio-visual company offering listening system installation in South Florida.

Listening System Installation For Theaters

When it comes to plays and musical performances, every deserves the right to experience the art as it was intended. But, that can be quite difficult for people affected by hearing loss. This can greatly impact their ability to hear the beautiful music or keep up with the plot of a play on stage.

No longer do the hard of hearing folks have to sit in the front row and struggle as they miss the most important parts of the performance. This can be addressed by some neat technology called hearing loop systems. And, all you really need to get this type of system developed and installed for your theater is an audio-visual company offering audio installation services.

If you’re looking for a listening system installation in South Florida, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle everything from the planning stage, to the design stage, to the assist listening setup in Fort Lauderdale. Give us a call and we’ll make this a reality.

Hearing loops for the hearing impaired

Hearing loops are an incredible technology that links up to the hearing aids of people in a room, auditorium, or church. Instead of straining to hear what’s being said or played, this technology sends the sounds directly to the hearing aids of those in the room.

They’re highly-technical pieces of equipment that give everybody in the room the opportunity to get involved and participate. But, don’t just trust anybody to do such a delicate and important job. You’ll need a qualified company that’s capable of assistive listening system installation in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

When it comes to audio equipment installation like hearing loop systems, you’ll need to hire a skilled AV integrator for the job. We’ll be sure to send out our most professional AV technicians to see how the hearing loop system in your venue would work. We’ll then come up with a plan and even complete your hearing loop system installation in Fort Lauderdale.

Live translation Systems

When it comes to assistive listening system installation in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, we don’t only specialize in hearing loop systems. We also offer a really high-end tool known as live translation systems. In a way, this type of audio equipment installation helps to provide subtitles to those in the audience.

As you or your guest speaker is talking, the hard of hearing in your audience will have a small monitor to refer to. Each and every word is transcribed onto this monitor, so your hard of hearing guests will know exactly what’s being said when it’s being said. So, hard of hearing guests don’t have to miss the most important parts or ask the person next to them what they missed.

When it comes to such highly-technical equipment, you want to be sure that you’re hiring the best AV integrator in the business. We’ll do absolutely everything to help you get this system up and running in your venue, all the way to the audio equipment installation.

Listening Systems Equipment Rentals

We know how expensive listening equipment can be, and it doesn’t make all that much of a financial system to buy one outright if you don’t even have hard of hearing guests or participants. That’s where listening systems equipment rentals will be useful.

We understand that you want to give everybody an equal chance to enjoy your event, performance, or speech, but it just doesn’t make sense to spend the money on one of these pricey systems if you’re barely going to be using it. After all, you might only need it for one or two days a year.

We’ll help you out, whether you’re looking for an assistive listening system installation in Miami & Fort Lauderdale or just a rental for a quick event or daily use. We’ll still send out our most qualified and professional AV integrator to take a look at your venue and make suggestions for the perfect listening experience.

When we work on our hearing loop system installation in Fort Lauderdale, we know how important a high-quality system is to you. Nobody wants a product that falls apart or stops working in just a few short months.

That’s exactly why we only work with the best brands in the business, as we believe that everyone deserves an equal and fair listening experience. And, because we work with only the best brands in the business, you still do have a little choice when it comes to the product you end up purchasing from us. After all, we know the AV side of things, but you know your venue better than anybody.