Video Walls Integration

Sometimes a single television just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re looking for a video wall setup for your home theater, or an eye-catching installation for a venue, Lunis Systems is able to get a video wall up and running displaying what you want.

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Led video wall installation Service in Miami and South Florida

Led video wall installation Service for Retail Storefront Displays
Led video wall installation Service for Retail Storefront

For commercial businesses in South Florida, there was a huge dilemma when choosing between LED and LCD video walls and displays. Now, LED video walls have stolen a march over their LCD counterparts due to rapid advances in technology. Due to their superior design, which doesn’t require bezels, LED panels can be combined to form a video wall of any size! They can be curved as well as transparent and can be molded into unique shapes as per the requirements of your retail storefront displays.

These LED video walls are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. For indoor storefront displays, LED video walls have a high pixel density (more pixels per square inch). On the other hand, the display walls can be up to 10 times brighter for outdoor purposes. Using an affordable Jumbotron Installation Service in Miami allows you to cover all the bases and stay updated in today’s competitive market in South Florida.

In retail stores, LED walls have applications in window display advertising. They can be very engaging and appealing to the customers. Such a setup can be used to display a wide variety of products that the store has to offer. They have benefitted many businesses, and it is about time that you get one for your business too!

Led video wall installation Service for Shopping Malls

Led video wall installation Service for Shopping Malls
Led video wall installation Service

The popularity of LED digital billboards in locations such as shopping malls, airports, and train stations is incredible. Due to the vast amount of multi-brand services that are present in a shopping mall, the need for LED advertising screens becomes vital! They can be used dynamically to target many customers at a single time. An enormous number of people visit shopping malls, and digital signage is the best way to display products and services to potential customers!

The use of LED video walls can give a significant boost to your sales efforts as they can be programmed to showcase advertising content. It also allows the vendors and sellers to adjust sales and promotional programs according to different time slots during which they get the most and least number of customers.

The Jumbotron installation service in Miami allows you to have LED video walls of your chosen size. It has an added advantage that customized large LED screens at shopping malls are visible from far away. We make sure that we address all kinds of needs and requirements, so we provide LED wall screens of all sizes for showrooms of different franchises!

Led video wall installation Service for S. Florida Restaurants & sports bars

Led video wall installation Service for Restaurants & sports bars
Led video wall installation Service for Restaurants

The competition in the restaurant industry is getting tougher by the day. The need of the moment is to evolve and make sure that you are using technology to your advantage. It is essential to distinguish yourself from your rivals. Using a Jumbotron Installation Service in Miami can help you to gain a decisive commercial edge.

For nightclubs and other entertainment venues, menu boards are one of the most critical aspects that impact the aesthetics of your place. An attractive menu board can be very appealing to your customers and influence them to place orders. Digital menu boards have changed the dynamics of the food industry because your customers can view the food getting prepared via screens in real-time.

The majority of restaurants are adopting digital menu boards as a part of their business and advertising strategy. These are feasible in conveying plenty of messages that include new products, promotional offers, happy hours timings, sports bets, and many more! Our AV services allow you to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering customers a much better interactive environment. The latest development is the addition of touch screen systems to place orders. Little things like these fascinate the customers, and our Pro AV Installation services make sure that you make a long-lasting impression on your customers. It is high time that you invested in these marvels of modern technology.

Led video wall installation Company for resorts & hotels

Led video wall installation Company for resorts & hotels
Led video wall installation Company for resorts

Good quality audio and video technology never fail to resonate with the customer in today’s modern times. Imagine a spa at your resort with a substandard music system; that is undoubtedly a huge turn off for the customer, and you wouldn’t want that to happen! The guests’ expectations have moved on with time, and you need to improve your service standards.
With the best AV services and solutions, we make it possible for you to give your clients an immersive experience using LED screens and video walls. Pro AV Installation solutions help you create the perfect audio-visual system that will attract your customers in droves! Be it a meeting, an event, or some information that you need to convey to your guests; our AV services will always be of use to you!

Background Music: Background sound and LED screens enhance user experience at the spa or the beach. We make sure that your hospitality has the right impact on your clients!
Video Walls: It is time to make use of cutting edge technology by using the best interactive video wall LED screens. Using such commercially available technology helps you make sure that your hospitality is simply flawless.

Digital Signage: Display texts and videos are good ways to attract the customer’s attention. They are also feasible when it comes to conveying some important messages to your customers.

Led video wall installation Company for conference rooms

Led video wall installation Company for conference
Led video wall installation Company for conference rooms

The need for technology to streamline corporate meetings and boardroom presentations is inevitable. Corporate offices consist of rooms for exhibitions, conference rooms for regular meetings, boardrooms for a special board of directors meetings, etc. We have a one-stop video wall solution for all your needs. Pro AV Installation can prove a great addition to your corporate space.

When you opt for a Led video wall installation company in Miami for your corporate offices, it gives you access to several opportunities. Some of them are listed below:
Audio/Visual Systems for excellent presentations: With our AV services at your disposal, all of your employees can deliver outstanding presentations to the clients. Such presentations are vital for making a good impression on the client!

Video Conference Rooms: Video conference rooms are a feasible way to increase the productivity of your employees by endowing them with higher efficiency. Equipment rentals reduce the costs of purchase and prove to be much more efficient. This type of communication is necessary when you have employees who don’t work from the same office. Many firms use the service of a LED video wall installation company in Miami to smoothen their operations. Video conferencing in corporate offices makes it easier for both the client and employees to feel your presence. Also, it can save a lot of your valuable time and money.

Led video wall Rental Service Miami

av installations LED video wall rental service
Led video wall Rental Service

LED video walls for rent create a chance to focus and boost the visual approach of any live event, be it a DJ performance or live concerts! They make the experience immersive and provide a realistic feel to the event! They offer captivating and impeccable visuals due to their ability to produce arrays of vibrant colors. From concerts to sporting events, there are tons of functions for which our installers have the required solutions.

Renting IT equipment is a better option when you are on a budget. We offer you suitable kits at attractive prices. Our technical staff takes care of everything ranging from delivery to the setup of these complex devices. Our trained professionals guide you through the design process to suggest the best Jumbotron display installers in Fort Lauderdale that suit your live event.

Outdoor led video wall installations across South Florida

Outdoor led video wall installations
Outdoor led video wall installations

Outdoor LED video walls are designed using state of the art DIP technology. These devices are
weatherproof, and this quality makes them the perfect match for your needs. Due to their high vibrancy and visibility, these LED video walls are visible during the night as well as day-time! From offering crucial information to broadcasting live events, these waterproof LED video walls are gaining popularity due to their tremendous potential!
While choosing or installing such a system, there are some factors that you should keep in mind.

Viewing Distance: The height at which the LED video wall is installed helps determine the video wall’s pixel pitch and the enclosure of the viewing angle. Thus, we always take care to conform to our measurements.

Easy to maintain: Outdoor LED video walls can be installed at a reasonable location as they are waterproof and designed so that maintenance becomes easy. They come with front and back access for easier maintenance.

Robust: Because outdoor LED video walls are waterproof and weatherproof, they perform exceptionally well in fluctuating weather conditions. Thus, this equipment is made to last for an extended period and offers you value for the money paid.

Jumbotron display installers in Fort Lauderdale make sure that you have the best outdoor LED wall displays! We offer the best products that are rated highly in terms of quality and performance.